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Stir it Up

The other day, in preparation for our “daughter’s” visit from Brazil (she was our exchange student almost three years ago ) my oldest son wanted to make her a special treat to welcome her. Thankfully, Here We Are Together, for a  wonderful, easy and quick recipe.

All you need are cookies, fresh berries (we used some cherries) and some pudding or custard.  🙂

Displaying 20150113_130121.jpg        We begin by crushing all the cookies; they should be nice and fine crumbs when you are done!  When that is done, we melted 2 tablespoons of butter, to make it stick a bit more, stirred it all together, then pressed it down.

Displaying IMG_20150113_130659.jpg


Next? More stirring. Mix the pudding up so it is nice and smooth and then, one spoonful at a time, drop it onto the crumbs (crust) in the dish. You can mix it all together if you prefer, but my kids wanted to just layer it – crumbs, pudding, berries …

Displaying 20150113_131244.jpg



We then made sure to spread it out evenly. We then were able to spread the cherries (or whatever you chose to use) over the top of your treat.  Simple right?


Displaying 20150114_173556.jpg


We refrigerated ours too – super yummy!!!!!!



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