Let’s Get Frugal~

When we first felt led to homeschool, we had one child, who was four and a newborn baby.

We were both working outside of the home at the time, and my husband had his hand in various real estate ventures – so money wasn’t that big of an issue. We weren’t rich by any means but we weren’t pinching pennies either.


But our first year of homeschooling, I cringe, admitting that we spent a lot. For our five year old son, we purchased the fanciest materials and all the bells and whistles that went along with it. (I loved it, still do!)


Since we began this journey we have added a few more children to our family; I am staying at home and keeping the home.  We now have one income from one job. My husband is also working towards an MBA and so things have gotten tighter than they once were.


(I am addicted to books too ~ have I ever mentioned that challenge I face each day?)


This year, due to so many changes (a remodeling project up and coming as well) we have a bit less and so have to be a bit more creative in what and how we put together our program.


I’ve always believed that the Lord directed us to homeschool, that He would provide and be the center of our homeschool. That said, this is something we have always been completely committed to.  There isn’t any other way.  We believe that He will provide whatever the situation. So whether we can shop till we drop for homeschool materials or we are barely making ends meet, we have faith it will all come together. In His perfect way.


A couple wonderful resources I have been blessed by through the years:




I suppose this is one of those things that makes homeschooling so great! No matter what your budget is or if you have no budget at all, and anything in between there is always a way to make it work!  And this is just for starters – truly there is so much more that you can find.  Be resourceful, be creative, be wise – And of course, let the Lord guide you in all thing, prayerfully, this is SUCH a blessing to families! ❤




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